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5.11 Depth Of Water Mains

Both principal mains and rider mains shall have the following minimum cover, except in circumstances requiring special protection. Greater depth shall be provided if required by the Water Supply Operations Manager:

  1. Under grass berms and footpaths:

    top of pipe 700 mm (minimum) below finished surface for watermains in existing residential areas

    top of pipe 900 mm below finished surface for watermains in commercial and industrial areas.

However, for new subdivisions and developments where side roads or accessways have not been determined, then the top of pipe shall be at least 900 mm below the reformed finished surface level.

  1. Under carriageways:

    top of pipe 900 mm below finished surface level at the lowest point of the carriageway, where carriageway width > 3.0 m

    top of pipe 700 below finished surface levels, where carriageway is 3.0m or less

Unless approved in writing, cover to watermains may not exceed 1100mm.

The sections of main adjacent to a carriageway crossing shall be gradually deepened, to allow the required cover under the carriageway without the provision of vertical bends. Similar provision shall be made to give the necessary cover over valve and hydrant spindles.

Service connection pipes shall have minimum cover of 400 mm, except at the meter box where the cover shall be reduced to 200 mm. Refer Drawing WS 16. Service connection pipes shall be installed by Council as part of meter connection unless otherwise agreed with the Water Supply Operations Manager.