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6.8.6 Connections to Existing Manholes

  1. Where a private drain or lateral is to be connected an existing manhole, the connection shall be made at the base of existing manholes, or by means of an internal drop.
  2. All necessary holes shall be drilled (cored), new pipes installed, gaps sealed and surfaces/protective coatings reinstated in accordance with the requirements of clause 6.9. All gaps shall be sealed by means of an approved epoxy mortar. Plastering shall not be permitted.
  3. Existing benching shall be carefully removed to avoid damage to the manhole structure and other pipes. Any damaged items shall be reinstated to original or better condition. Benching, conforming to clause 6.9, shall be reconstructed as necessary to accommodate the new inlet or drop. The chamber shall be made watertight with an approved epoxy mortar around all openings.
  4. After construction of the new inlet, the manhole shall be tested, remedied and retested until it satisfies the requirements of clause 6.9.